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Monday, April 11, 2011

April CDAC Drawing Competition

Entry 1
If you can't wait to get your hands onto my newest digital, then I'm pleased to say that it will be available soon in my store. For now however this digital which I've called 'Big Brother' has been entered into my first ever drawing competition. CDAC is hosting the drawing contest for the month of April and the theme is 'Masculine'. This image was inspired by my grandson, Alex and a photo was captured of him listening to his unborn sister. The heart on my daughter expanding tummy was drawn on with lipstick, so it's not a tattoo. *Smiles*.

As apart of the competition rules I need to enter 3 digitals, so 'Big Brother' is my first. I will have 2 more digitals to add to this post when I get them finished, both will have a 'Masculine' theme as well. I am hoping to add the yellow badge to my digital and the only way I can do this, is by the members of CDAC voting on my image / s. If you are a fan of my designs /my store and would like to support me and your not a member of an amazing and exciting active site, then please considering joining CDAC and voting for my images, when the time comes.

Here is a direct link to the 'April Drawing Competition'. I'm including an extract from the competion below because if you looking for an exciting new club to join, then the 'CDAC Digit Club' could be just what your looking for.


What these challenges are all about!!!

We have been approached by so many people wanting to share their drawing talents with us, but just were not sure how. Well now we give you the perfect opportunity. We are hoping this will give you the avenue and courage to share your talent with us. We also wanted to give the non-CDAC artists the opportunity to participate in a little fun here on CDAC. For our CDAC group leads, let's have some fun and show everyone just how fun we are and what can be found in the New CDAC Digi Club. We want you to have fun and show us what you can do, so get those creative juices flowing and jump right in and show us your new creations. Coming in JUNE, the very first CDAC DIGI CLUB. We would love for you to join and play a roll on what will be offered in this Club. We would like to ask our members to help us select the top image from the DIGI CLUB entries below. So, CDAC will be hosting two types of challenges this month. One for EVERYONE and one for the CDAC Groups that are participating in conjunction with the CDAC Digi Club. Please wish me luck in this competition and I would like to thank you all for your continued support. *Hugs* Vickie / Nana Vic

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  1. well vickey good luck with your drawing competition.

    greetings karin


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