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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Boss turns 60

Above is a card I've made using my newest digital called 'Grandpa and Me' and the sentiment is taken from my word art 'Grandparents'. It's always so much nicer when you have a reason to create a card and there is a person in mind. I was given the opportunity this week to create a card for our wonderful boss, Denis turned the big 60 today and the staff wanted something handmade for him that they could all sign. This image was perfect for him as he is always letting us know how gorgeous his grandchildren are and how he delights when he's asked to watch over them.

I don't know too many people that can truly say that their boss is great. Our boss is the best, fair, fun, serious when he needs to be and for good measure he inspires us to do our best in all that we do. He's an ex jockey and we often hear stories about his days when he was a rider. He's a great story teller and he shares his stories often for the purpose of reminding us how difficult times were and how important it is to not let the pressures of today cause us stress. One of his favourite saying had me almost falling off my chair the first time I'd heard it. He was talking about making mistakes at work and I quote "It stands out like rat sh*t in a sugar bowl!" unquote. *Laughs* I even made a set of ATC cards using that quote and made an extra one to give to him. I've also gave him the card that I'd made for Easter using my 'Easter Cross' and he proudly showed everyone and took it home to show his family. I suppose that was why I was asked to create his 60th Birthday card from us all.

Anyways he's a photo of the best boss in the world, proudly holding his card and underneath that one is some of the well wishes for him that we all signed. (The others are on the back of the card, sorry I didn't get photo)

I know that we will hear all about his day tomorrow when we go to work. Happy Birthday Denis.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous card!! Grandparents are definately angels!! Love all the gorgeous colors and roses - your coloring is amazing! You're very blessed to have such a wonderful boss and he's blessed to have you!

  2. what a gorgeous card vic.
    your coloring is great too.

    greetings karin

  3. You are blessed to havea rad boss and he is lucky to have a talented and dedicated worker..awsome card sis..hugs

  4. Your card is wonderful, and your boss looks so happy. Not everyone works for some one who real cares.


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