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Friday, February 8, 2013

Woodland Baby Digital Stamp

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Nana Vic's
Woodland Baby

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Description: Awwww, this little baby is sleeping on top of a fallen tree stump, protected with leaves from the nearby plant. Pretty flowers, mushrooms and lush moss all go into making up this digital stamp with a woodland theme. Your free word art is from the Baby Set 2 NV_WA0038 and reads; Baby Shower for a special little child. (Boy and Girl also included as I know that a lot of parents know the sex of their baby before they are born.)

The automatic download contains a 1 digital stamps in both JPG and semi-transparent PNG files. JPG cover image. Colour topper 1 PNG file. Word Art 1 PNG file. All files are in 300 dpi for easy re-sizing or flipping.

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Credit to Nana Vic
Credit to Patti

Credit to Sandi for the 3 cards above - Girl - Boy - Newborn

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